Slate 2019 - 2020

We have several projects scheduled for production in the next two years. Details below.


Moon Rock For Monday

After an unlikely encounter at a train station, a young terminally ill girl befriends a wanted fugitive.  Together they embark on a road trip to visit a "Moon Rock" that the girl believes will heal her.

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Heart of War

Lunar Pictures has optioned the rights to the biography by Robert K. O’Connor Q.C based on the life of Lieutenant Lawrence Dominic McCarthy V.C. The screenplay, penned by Ivan Zelic is about the life of a war hero who took almost half a kilometre of German trench, killing 20 enemy, taking out 5 Machine Guns and capturing more than 50 prisoners of war, all by himself. Official war reporter Charles Bean describes his heroic action as “perhaps the most effective feat of individual fighting in the history of the Australian Imperial Force”.


The Walrus & The Oyster

A mother who loses her son to cancer becomes obsessed with another parent's child; who looks strangely similar to her deceased son.  She lures him back to her house and locks him in her basement. Wanting the new boy to accept her as his new 'surrogate mother"; she begins a psychological game to brain wash him into breaking away from all that he knew.